Saturday, February 5, 2011

January 31, 2011

Hi Mother,
So life out here is great. The snow is nothing with that big coat it is like walking with fur on like the animals, I don't feel a thing. We are smart about planning so we aren't outside when it is too cold. I'm glad that everyone is doing well at home that is funny Tyla and her friends throwing gummies on the ceiling. We always would throw them on the wall and we never were smart enough to get them stuck on the ceiling. And Mckay is a rockstar. He always seems to have a game winner every year. He is so awesome. Bryson should keep on working on grades.
Well today so far we went to the DMV so Elder Yim could take a permit test. He wants to get his drivers license here so I went and he failed. I felt so bad for him. He has been reading the book at night and lunch and dinner for like a month. Oh well he is awesome.
This week has been a really good week we have a new investigator that I am so excited about his name is Joel and he is from Israel. He is so cool and every lesson that we teach him is just amazing. He tells me lots of things about Israel and the history there. It has some quite interesting things there and now I want to go there and see all of the things there. Well that is my favorite thing that happened is that we are now teaching him. He has to work with his work schedule first before he can come to church but I think he is in tune enough with the spirit to get baptized.
We also had our first English class and only 3 people showed up, but it was still way fun we just talked about ourselves and I brought those pictures of our family that you sent and showed them. They thought it was amazing I had siblings because they are all from China and have the one child policy. We had a lot of fun and are expecting more people to come the next time we meet for English class.
This morning we went to the sports museum in the TD Garden it was cool. Elder Yim has been wanting to go since he has been here so we went and he loved it. He doesn't know how to play baseball or football so I have to explain to him the rules. Another funny thing that happened (well it was kinda funny for me) was that Elder Yim got sick. Well the reason that he got sick was because he was eating everything that I was eating and I ate like 6 or 7 meals that day and he couldn't move the next morning forever. Poor guy he is too small to eat like I do.
The snow here doesn't melt so there is like 3 feet everywhere and covering everything. It is crazy!! But the people here are nice and I am learning a lot of how to be the best missionary that I can be. Recently I have been studying about the Holy Ghost and answers to prayers, but I think you could share about Christ healing everyone in 3rd nephi 17 and apply it to how he can heal us of any pain not just physical pain if we repent and come unto him. Well that is just a thought. I find that when we teach with Christ as the center you can never go wrong.
We got some interesting news today that the Hartford Conneticuit mission is closing down in July and merging with our mission. I think that is crazy we will have a huge mission with a lot of things to do and places that I could go. I am excited to expand the mission but it is sad to see one close down. We have an apostle coming out here at the end of February and I also am very excited for that.
We saw a huge demonstration to free Eygpt or something. It was crazy like 3,000 maybe, I don't know exactly, but it was kinda scary. This email is kind of everywhere but I thought that I would just write real quick everything or at least some of the main things that happened this week that stood out to me while thinking back on it. Well thank you for everything that you do for me and I could never thank you enough your the greatest. Take care and I will write next week.
Much Love,
Elder Hunter

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