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January 18, 2011

Hi Mother,
So I emailed last Thursday so it hasn't been too long but I feel like a lot has happened and I am going to try to tell you everything that happened. Well Elder Black was transferred to the LP1 Ward and moved just down the street and he covers the singles wards of everything south of the Charles River. So now Elder Yim and I have just the LP2 ward which is just Cambridge and everything north of the Charles so mostly just Harvard and MIT. I am glad that we are now just covering one ward. Having two wards was hard especially since they met at the same time for church. Especially for me because I feel like I know nothing about how to do missionary the best most effective way.
Only having one ward will be fun to try to experiment on some new things on how to really get the work moving and the members motivated. We have the best ward though they are all great people and great missionaries. This week was funny so Elder Yim and I stop every Chinese person on the street till Elder Yim can talk with them and get their phone number. This week we had 5 Chinese investigators at church and our ward just is all of their best friends and they love it. One of the guys at church was really cool. We had a dinner appointment with Eric the ward mission leader of Charles River ward and he thought maybe I was going to get transferred so he had us over for dinner. We ate there and then left kinda late. Right as we walked out of his apartment building we saw a guy and I kinda called after him to see if he wanted a card. I gave him a card and he was from Taiwan but had very good English. He then told us that he had about 8 of those cards and didn't know what to do with them. It was sweet! We ended up inviting him to church and giving him a Book of Mormon. He came to church and really liked what he saw and said that he wants to learn from us. It was a cool experience that if we make the little extra effort that we will be blessed and the Lord will provide.
Also we have another investigator that we are working with he is from Seattle and met Elder Koerper on the bus and he is such a nice guy we have taught him 3 times and set a baptismal date for him. He still needs to read and pray about the Book of Mormon but he is super cool. We were able to get him to a dinner appointment on Sunday night with us at a members so he could meet some people in our church and I think he really loved the atmosphere there.
Also we have 3 other lessons projected to non Chinese investigators this week of people that we met on the street. Hopefully they turn out well. It is amazing how a ward like LP2 could go from having nothing to having so much in such a little time. Elder Yim and I are just having a blast and are working as hard and as smart as we can. At the start of this transfer we set goals of obedience to help us with the work and so far we have been doing a pretty good job and seeing success. I have decided that this area has tons of people ready to receive the gospel we just have to be willing to show the Lord that he can trust us. I don't know if I have fully done that but it is what I am striving for.
We are also in the process of starting a class where we teach English. We talked with some of the Chinese investigators and they said that they would love to come to an English class where we just talk English and they can practice. The good thing is that they all live with other Chinese and they all will probably bring a friend with them. President said that I can learn Chinese so I have been studying on how to learn it. I can kind of share my testimony in Mandarin but pronunciation is so much different then English. Elder Yim just laughs at me when I practice. I hope that I can stay in this area my whole mission it is a lot fun.
The weather this week isn't looking so promising. It is snowy today and supposed to turn into an ice storm and tomorrow it is suppose to snow as well as on Friday and Saturday it should be like 17 at the high. The cold isn't too bad when we are talking to people so hopefully we can talk with lots of different people to keep us warm. Also a member from LP1 ward gave us a bunch of hand warmers it was so nice of him.
Two nights ago we had a fireside that brother Clayton Christensen talked at. He is so awesome, he talked about missionary work and how to do it when you aren't a missionary. He gave some simple things that he used on people and different ways to be successful as a member missionary. One thing that really struck me was that he said that people often separate work and church. Like it is two different languages. Then he said that the gospel of Jesus Christ will never tell you to not learn anything that is not true.
Well Thank you so much for everything that you do for me you are the best! Also I had dinner with a senior couple named the Excells they are from Ogden and are the employment specialists in the area and he coached at Ben Lomen high school in Ogden and is good friend with Coach Drury. He said that the team seems to be doing bad this year. It is sad that they aren't doing good, but I feel like you always learn the most when you aren't succeeding. Tell Bryson to keep working hard and not to give up but to just have fun at the same time. He is a stud. Well I hope that everything is going well you guys are in my prayers!

Love you tons.
Elder Hunter

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