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January 3, 2011

Hi Mom:)
Well that is great that everyone is working hard and still staying busy. You are getting crazier and crazier now that I am gone. I think I was the one who kept you and dad sane. (haha just playing). Well I will admit that this week was the hardest week of my mission. I have been feeling sick lately and have a huge headache every day I think I am getting a cold then I was getting up at six to work out and that wasn't helping too much either. So I decided to go to bed early this whole week like around 10 or 1030 and get up at 630 to work out. It helped some and I have been eating a lot of oranges to try to boost my vitamin C. Today i feel better which is good and a great start to the week.
The more I look at it, sports doesn't mean anything it just teaches lots of life skills and how to deal with them. Tell Mckay and Bryson to hit the books hard that is where you can accomplish the most. That is what I am learning out here with all the smart MIT and Harvard students. Also I told Tyrell I would write him a letter. I will send it to him probably this week or next. Hopefully this week. He wanted me to send him a letter when I was out for a while and let him know how it is and how hard it is and what not.
So this week is the 4 week of the transfer and I won't email till next Wednesday. It is crazy at how fast the transfers are going by. I love my two companions but I really am hoping that I only have one next transfer. It is so hard having 3 different opinions on everything I have really learned how to humble myself and realize that my opinion is not always right and that I don't always get everything my way. We are working hard and I have been doing my best to serve my companions as much and as often as I can. It is hard sometimes when I don't feel like I am getting anything in return but I realize that service shouldn't expect a thanks or anything in return. It was a lot of fun on New Years. Elder Yim and I made dinner for the whole apartment. We got some chicken legs from service that I cooked then Elder Yim made rice and deviled eggs. It was cool to eat. I am a pretty good cook I think, but I am working on eating healthier and limiting the oil and meat that I consume.
Well I have so many things to tell you that happened it is crazy. One new thing that I have started doing is that every night I write down a miracle that happened during the day it is a pretty good habit and a super eye opener to how much we are blessed by Heavenly Father. I will share some of the miracles that happened this week. First was Anatoly who was just baptized we hadn't heard from him since his baptism which was 2 weeks and he wasn't at church but we received a call from him saying he was in New York and that he found the church there and went there and that was just a small miracle of something that I had been praying for.
Another thing that happened was so cool. There was this guy I met on the street it was like a 30 second contact where he said he wanted to come to church and what not. I got his number and he couldn't make it to church and I have so many numbers in my planner I sometimes lose track of people or kind of give up. I had called him the night before and he didn't answer. Then it was Sunday and I went on splits to the Charles River Ward my first ward and it was a last minute emergency type thing for splits and as I went to the bus stop I ran into this guy. He was super cool and remembered me and was telling me about how he had a rough life and was trying to change he was going out of town and said he would come to church next week. It was another small miracle.
The last one I will write about happened on Thursday it was a super hard day and I was dead by night we were traveling home from a dinner appointment and I was just talking to Elder Black on the subway how we could do better with the ward. Then this lady came up to us and asked for a Book of Mormon. She said she went to the opening of the temple and that it was beautiful and she wanted to figure things out for herself. Nobody has ever approached me on my mission for something like that. Then that same night I ran into a guy that I had talked to like 3 or 4 times. He was from Germany and only here for 3 months for a research team. He was super cool and nice but had no interest in the church the first few times I ran into him. He wouldn't even take a card. Well he was on the subway too so I talked with him for a while and asked how things were going he said he was going back to Germany in a couple days and was excited. He then started asking about missionary work and what we do and what not. I considered him my friend by then and talked with him then at the end I was prompted by the spirit to give him a Book of Mormon. I was able to share my testimony with him and how the book has helped me in my life so much. He gladly took it and said that he would read it.
There are so many miracles that are hard to see if we are thinking about ourselves all the time. Miracles happen everyday. I don't have enough faith to expect them like I should, but I am working on it. It is a lot of fun seeing the reality of the church and the gospel. We can all just get our priorities straight then the world will be a way better place. Also so for you too read the Book of Mormon by June, all you need to read is 1 chapter a day and 2 chapters on the short ones. We read it in 6 months as a mission with one chapter a day and it is cool being constantly reminded of the faith building stories and doctrine contained in the Book of Mormon.
Well I love you so much mom and the rest of the family. I have received lots of Christmas cards recently and it has been really nice to hear from people family and friends. I have been blessed to have such amazing people in my life. I will write them all back soon hopefully I am behind on letters like 10 and wont have much time today. :-/

Thanks for everything we have been blessed this week with weather in the 40-50s haha it is very nice :) I don't need anything.
Love Elder Hunter

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