Saturday, February 5, 2011

January 13, 2011

Hi Mom,
Well, as you already know I am not getting transferred. I am so blessed to be able to stay in the city. Singles wards are hard but they also have a ton of potential. I think that I will figure this out better and have more success. I feel like I am slowly getting the hang of things and it is a lot of fun. This past week we had 4 investigators at church. . . all of them Chinese. It is funny because I always try to jump in front of any Asian people till Elder Yim is close enough to talk to them. They are all looking for religion. And since Elder Yim and I are together another transfer I am going to try to persuade president to let me focus on learning Chinese since we teach almost all Chinese. It will be really cool if I can. . . . if not I will still learn for as much as I can during my spare time and the Lord knows what is best. . so I'm not worried.
So the storm yesterday was crazy we had tons of snow like almost two feet. The snow here is super heavy and really wet. It is crazy like 4 inches on the power lines and the trees. There were broken branches everywhere. Today there are ice pieces falling from the trees everytime the wind blows it is really crazy.
We haven't had too much done lately cause we were stuck in the house yesterday and just left in the morning to the apple store for a second because we didn't receive the text that we couldn't leave yet. We had a huge snow ball fight and that was so much fun. Except poor Elder Yim kept getting hit by Elder Koerper I felt so bad for him. I think that I won't be in a trio anymore at least I hope not it has been so much work and patience. I learned a ton from it but don't want to do it again. It will be a lot easier to keep the apartment clean with only 4 of us and not 5.
Well with new transfer starting we have set some good goals dealing with obedience. It will be good for us. Mostly just the daily schedule like going to bed on time and being ready for studies. I have realized how important having studies are especially for missionaries in the city. All day long everyday we are surrounded by temptation and the world and when you have had a good study you feel more ready and optimistic to take it head on and do your best but when you don't have good studies then it isn't so good.
It is good to hear that everyone is staying so busy. The more you have to do the better I think. And it is cool to hear Mckay's team is tearing it up. And as long as Tyla s team works hard and does their best everything there should be good and it is all worth it. As for Bryson tell him to keep playing in JV and to have fun. To go and play with a smile on his face and enjoy the moment for they don't usually last very long.
Also this morning I read Elder Hollands talk on gratitude from the past general conference. I think that one is my favorite talk in conference just because of how Elder Holland talks with so much passion and authority. He talks about how his dad and mom paid for his mission and that his mom took a job outside of the house while he was gone and she had never worked outside of the house her whole life. She did this so he could go on a mission. It made me think of you and dad and how much you guys have done for me my whole life. You guys have always been there to give me whatever I needed or wanted, so I wanted to say thanks for everything. Well I love you a ton Mom .

Take care and be safe.
Love Elder Hunter

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