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February 14, 2010

Hello Family,

This week we have had an awesome time. It went by really fast too. We have 3 really good investigators that I think 2 will get baptized. One is from China and his name is Jian Xiong. He is super cool studying mechanical engineering at Northeastern University for a year as an exchange student. It is awesome. We are teaching him how to pray and just the basics of things. I love it so much by teaching the simple basic truths so many great things are coming and it strengthens our testimony.
Then we are teaching Andrew and he is so cool just needs to come to church he came last week and said he will come this week but didn't. I was so sad. He text us and said that he over slept. Oh well there is next week and we are planning on having a great lesson with him this week.
Some cool or funny things we did this week. So first last p-day we went to the science museum and it was super cool and lots of fun. It is the biggest museum ever and I learned a lot. Then on Thursday we went to Springfield for zone conference and it was super good. President talked about combining the missions and that he would just send half of us down to Conneticut and bring half of them here in July it will be a crazy transfer. Then on Friday we had tours and I went with the other district leader Elder Jones for a day in Belmont. We had a lot of success. We gave out 6 Book of Mormons just knocking on doors. Also a funny story happened on tours. WE were knocking doors and this old chinese lady opened the door and so I started talking the little chinese I know and she invited us in and I was explaining who we were in chinese and called Elder Yim on the phone to talk with her. As he was talking on the phone with her another old chinese lady walked in and so I started practicing my chinese with her. She was impressed and thought I could understand and so she started talking back and I didn't understand so she was practically yelling at me. It was so funny. Elder Jones and I were covering our mouths so they didn't see us laughing. Then we finally got out of there and I realized that what I was saying in chinese at the start was that "I was Jesus Christ".... Oh man I couldn't believe it. I told Elder Jones and we were laughing so hard. Elder Yim explained to them on the phone who we were though so it isn't bad.
That was the funny story of the week and the spiritual story of the week was that we have been meeting with some of our chinese student investigators and talking to them about prayer. They both have had amazing experiences with prayer one whose name is Hua his dad is dying of cancer in china and he is going back this week to visit him. Well he said that one night he prayed and that right after he finished praying he was talking to someone back home and they said that they might have found a cure for his dad's cancer. IT was so sweet. And the other was Jian Xiong who said that he was at the bus stop and remembered to pray and he prayed then when he sat on the bus there was a book about Jesus Christ next to him that he picked up and started to read. IT wasn't one of our books but still it is amazing that it happened and any book for him is good because he started with no religious background at all.
Also Saturday night we went to Elder Yim's cousins house for a chinese new year dinner it was funny everyone was yelling in cantonese which I don't understand at all. But the food was good and it was definitely a great experience.
Well I won't email you till next Wednesday so take care and be safe. I love you all and I will send pictures to you soon I have a bunch that I need to print off and send. I will do that this week. Love you and thank you for everything that you do.
Love Elder Beau Hunter

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