Saturday, October 30, 2010

October 25, 2010

Hi Mom,
Everything is going great we got a new ward to cover. So we have double the work. It is kinda hard though because we have one church starts at 10 and then the other ward starts at 11 at a different place. So we go to sacrament then jump on the train and go to the other ward as fast as we can.
Our new ward is going to be so much fun. They are all cool dudes most of them right out of college looking to get married. They all are still excited about missionary work which is good. We had ward correlation on saturday morning at Patricks house who is ward mission leader for the LP 1 ward he is way sweet. He is from Carmel, CA and when I told him I lived in Salinas he started asking if I knew some of the people in the stake out there. We knew a few people in common and that was way sweet. During our correlation the funniest thing happened to me. There was breakfast and it was french toast and bacon and sausage and we were just eating in a living room on the couch and my plastic fork broke. My hand was on one side of the plate to balance the food so when my fork broke it sent my french toast like five feet across the room on face down on the floor. I felt like such a spaz. Everyone was laughing so hard for like 5 minutes straight.
That was my funny experience for the week. We got a new roommate and our apartment of missionaries could beat any other missionaries at any sport in the whole world. Elder Koerper is the man that moved in with Elder Hiatt in the university ward. He is like 6'6" and weighs like 250. He looks like a football player but he is a baseball pitcher and pitched for New Mexico St for a year before his mission. We have a blast every night. But we all work super hard so we only hang out at night. I live with a bunch of guys that i would have loved to hang out with during high school. It is way fun.
Having such a fun apartment is a bad thing though too. We always go to bed late like 11 or 1130. And Elder Sorel and I are always up and out of the house by like 7 in the morning for ward council or correlation. Today I got to sleep in till 630 it was so nice. We weren't studying at all, so we started taking our studies at night which is nice. It is crazy how much you can learn in an hour of studies at night. We are also learning how to be super busy and efficient. The bus system here is bogus though the buses are never on time and sometimes they don't come. Sometimes we end up running a mile to make it to an appointment. The city is the best thing ever. I am getting skinny though. Like no muscle or fat it is crazy. I feel like a twig!!
As for investigators we have 3 new investigators from the LP1 ward. One of them is being baptized this Sunday he is legit. He is this black guy that sings. He quit his job because they wouldn't let him have Sundays off. And immediately he got another job. It is sweet seeing the lord bless people. We didn't teach him really but are in charge of his baptism. He said that he is going to bring a bunch of friends to the baptism that are non members so we are going to try to do something sweet in between the baptism and when he changes to make them all interested. The other investigators we haven't met yet neither of them were at church yesterday. But we are working super hard to get them there.
We ran into a guy named Otto from China last Sunday and are meeting with him tonight. He is super cool. We met him at MIT just walking on the street and he was super nice. He said that in China nobody can teach religion unless someone enters into the church . He is only here for 6 weeks though. But maybe we can baptize him and send him to china to preach the gospel there. That would be way cool.
Yesterday we had the best sacrament meeting in the Charles River Ward. It was Elder Christianson. He had a stroke and is a professor at Harvard. When he had his stroke he lost his vocabulary of 6000 words to 500 words. so as he was speaking to us he would forget words but he talked about how to share the gospel he has a thing posted that is called 100 ways to share the gospel you should look at it there are some sweet things there. Also he is starting a Electronic mission. Where there are missionaries that post things on facebook twitter and blog so that when people google mormons there is less hate things that pop up at the start of the list. He is so awesome! He gave a crazy statistic though to us. It was that out of 1000 people that are taught the first discussion that were found on the street. 28 of them are baptized and 3 are active after 3 years. Out of 1000 people taught the first discussion and were member referals 200 were baptized and 120 were active after 3 years. The whole ward was just amazed at how powerful this man was. He was mentioned in two of the talks in the past conference. But also after his talk yesterday, we got a call from a member in the ward. She invited her friends to take the discussions, just to let us practice them since we haven't taught much yet. So we are already seeing progress in the members. I think that missionary work is about to explode here pretty soon.
Also i have been getting way better at talking to people. I was doing a terrible job at contacting on the bus and trains but i first started by talking to people not about the gospel and now i am trying to be better and twisting what they say to relate it to the gospel it is kinda hard, but i am grading myself daily to do better and prayer is helping me. There are some awesome people here it is way fun being here, and learning how to deal with people. As soon as i get good at one thing i realize i am not so good at something else. But that is where i am learning to rely on the lord to make my weak things strong. Anyways i love you mom and thank you for everything. You should be getting a package from me soon. It has a beautiful picture of the Boston temple. and some shirts and pictures. But i am going to send it with the credit card. Did you see why it wouldn't work for me? And thank you so much for everything. Also i think i need a sweater the wind here feels like crushed ice is hitting your face and going right through your clothes. It gets so freezing!! Don't get a black sweater if possible like a grey or blue or green would be sweet im sick of all black. And will you send me your Sister Kris's address i want to write boston about how boston is.
love you a ton your the best mom ever,
Elder beauford Hunter

October 20, 2010

Hi Mom,
Transfers were good. Elder Sorel and I are still together serving in the Charles River Ward. It is cool because that means I can stay in the city still and learn people skills and share my testimony with hundreds of people everyday. We also have another ward that we are going to cover which is a singles ward 25-30 year olds. It is the LP 1 ward. So our age range broadened some. I think that this transfer the work is going to start to pick up. Last week at church we had 5 non-members. None of them want to meet with us though so that sucks but at least members are bringing friends to church.
I am glad that our work will hopefully double with two wards to cover. Right now I have made some great friends of the ward that I am in now. There are so many great people that are in our wards. They are all very very smart too. Last night we watched "How Rare a Possession", the Book of Mormon video with an investigator and had pizza. It was sweet. I realized that the two members there with us were a lawyer and a Dr. They both are extremely smart. Our investigators are crazy. We still only have the same three. All three of them want to be baptized. But none of them want to be pushed into it. They are taking their time to becoming baptized. Raj who is from India watched the movie with us last night and he started asking us about Jacob 5 and the olive tree. He reads his Book of Mormon everyday and knows that it is true, but doesn't come to church and doesn't want to be baptized anytime soon. We are trying to get with our investigators consistantly and get them to keep commitments from us so they can become ready to be baptized.
This week was pretty crazy though there are a lot of people that are struggling with testimonies and what not in our ward. It doesn't surprise me either this is a tough area to be a mormon. It is crazy how important church is and how important to attend every week. Also developing a relationship with Heavenly Father. We are working with some inactive members and they stop coming to church it only makes it that much harder to come back. Elder Sorel and I had a great opportunity to feel the power of the priesthood we hold. This week we gave 3 blessings to members that were having a rough time. It is so cool that people know that a blessing is the best thing that they can do to know what Heavenly Father wants of him.
Also this morning we went to the temple. It is always good to go there and learn more about the gospel and how simple it really is. Elder Yurevich is leaving our apartment and so last night we were up till one talking and hanging out and then we got up at five to go to the temple so Elder Sorel and I are going to sleep the rest of our P day. We are beat.
I also got a bunch of pictures printed out and I will send them home tonight in a package with some other way cool things that I have gotten out here. Well I hope that everything keeps going well. I am still working hard and having fun. It is beautiful out here! You guys should plan on picking me up or at least coming out here in the fall. Let me know how Brysons game goes this week.
Thank you so much for the picture thing it is so cool. I showed the sisters and they loved the paper bag thing. They thought that it was the coolest thing. And thanks for the tie. you guys are the best!! Mckay and Tyla haven't written me back either. Love you have a great week.
Elder Hunter

October 30, 2010

October 30, 2010

Pictures we received this week from Beau. Finally. . . :)

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

October 12, 2010

Dear Mom,
Sorry I didn't email you yesterday, it was p-day and also Columbus day so the library where we email was closed. But this week is the last week of the transfers and we won't have p-day until next Wednesday so you won't here from me until then. I got grandmas cookies and didn't have time to write her yesterday. We had a sweet day yesterday, I will tell you all about it. The cookies were way good. Me and the people that live with us ate them all in like 5 minutes. Also grandpas letter was good for me to hear. I think about it everyday. It gives me motivation. And the quote is perfect that is exactly what I am trying to do. I am not perfect at it yet but I try to be the best I can.
How are Bryson's stats in football? Does he have any good ones? (Note from mom: Good tackles, not touchdowns, quarterback depends on Bryson to block and doesn't throw to the tight end at least yet.) Any touchdowns yet? The season is probably coming to an end I bet.
My comp has been in this same area since May when he first entered the field. I feel bad for him. He is dead here. He is going through a bad thing with his girlfriend. Also he is getting sick of the area because he has been here for so long but has not had much success. He and I get along way good and he is so cool. I hope he gets transferred though because he needs something different out here. He is sick today and slept in so I did companionship and personal study all by myself.
Elder Yurevich and I are the only people that get up on time everyday and work out. Elder Yurevich is so cool, he is so smart at the scriptures and so I just let him talk to me and teach me every night if he and I stay, I am going to start learning Russian from him also.
Investigator wise we are struggling. Jim has been in the hospital with lung and back problems. He called yesterday and wants us to visit him today so we are going to. And Jessica told us that she knows that she needs to be baptized but doesn't feel ready. We are debating if we should drop her or not. I don't think that we will because she is so awesome and nice. She will get baptized eventually.
Those are our two investigators really and things are looking like they will pick up. We have been receiving a lot of referrals lately and trying to set things up so we can teach. I have a good feeling about things as long as we work hard so that the Lord will trust us in letting us teach these people. I'm really excited for these next few weeks. I don't think I will leave this area for a while though. I don't mind either. I am starting to love the people here in the ward and am learning a ton about Boston and how the people are. Plus there are no easy places in our mission no matter where you are at out here you will be working your butt off and have little "success" as far as baptisms and numbers go.
So for the packages just send it to the mission home. Also I thought of some things that I want but probably for Christmas if you can. I was thinking that I wanted some Protein and vitamins. Then I definitely want some pictures of the family. I am sick of describing what everyone looks like. And any other pictures that you wanted to send me that would be sweet. And then maybe a sweater.
It is crazy at how I have learned about the power of prayer and also the neccesity of prayer for everyone. Everyday we talk to some guy from MIT or Harvard that are just super smart and have all sorts of crazy things to say about religion and especially about our religion and why it can't be true. It is kind of hard listening to all these things that they say. They are all terrible things that the devil has brought forth to the people. It doesn't shake my testimony but rather helps me strengthen mine more. We had a fireside that I went to and the Dean Emeritus proffesor of religion at BYU was speaking. His name was Robert Millett. He was way sweet and said that Faith is a decision we make it isn't just believing or acting when we feel the holy ghost it is still making the right decisions even when we don't feel the holy ghost. He talked for an hour on the purpose of life and it was so awesome he did a way good job.
Yesterday I kind of spent a lot of money. Elder Sorel's MTC comp came down to the city from the cape and wanted to go see the city. We all went and looked around some sights and stuff. When we were at the TD Garden where the Celtics play they have a team shop and it had a bunch of old school jerseys. I bought a Larry Bird jersey for 85.00 dollars I used my debt card. Will you check to make sure that my credit card is paid for it declined. And we walked around there and then after that we went to Fenway Park and paid to take a tour of the stadium. It was 12.00 but I used my support money for that. It was sweet there are some cool baseball history things that happened in that stadium. I took a bunch of pictures and I am going to print them and send them home this next Tuesday.
The coolest part about yesterday was that we went to the temple in the morning. We had to wake up at 5 AM and get ready and our ward mission leader picked us up. It was so cool to go with Elder Sorel and our ward mission leader because they are so smart. We stayed for like an hour in the celestial room and just talked about things and it was what I needed to learn.
I am no where near the person want to become yet. But I am striving for it everyday. And I know that by focusing on others is the way to become who I want to be so I am trying hard to do that.
The time is still going by so fast I am trying to study my hardest in the time we have and it is hard there are so many things to learn and so little time. All the stories in the Book of Mormon and Bible are amazing and we can learn a lot from them. Thanks for everything and just send the package to the mission home. I get no mail haha except from family and my comp is getting mail everyday almost. I don't care to get a lot of letters, but when I do get them it is nice. Especially from my family :) Love you all. I hope everything is going well. I will keep you posted.
Love Elder Hunter

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

October 4, 2010

Hi Mom and Family,

Thanks so much for the quotes they are awesome. It reminds me of the things that I learned from conference this week. And you have always been so creative, I just guess you are now having the chance to explore more and do things that you like. Did Dad and Mckay and Tyla get their letters from me that I sent last week? I promised Tyla that I would write her back and I haven't heard from Mckay so make sure he writes me.

It was a crazy week, but kind of hard working and a tolerant week. The work is going way slow for me and my comp. We go out to street contact all day and don't get anything done but pass out a bunch of cards to people. We are trying to work with the new mission leader on how we can boost the missionary work in our ward. We have some ideas that should get us some more people to teach. Also Jessica dropped her baptismal date which we found out last night and it is sad. She is ready to be baptized she just won't take that leap of faith to be baptized. She said that she will prepare to be baptized Dec 18th which is good if she sticks with it. Our other investigators we didn't get in contact with either. But Raj called last night and asked how conference was and said he was out of town and wants us to watch some of it with him to explain and stuff so that is way cool. I think that Raj is way close to conversion he just has to pray about the Book of Mormon.

We had tours this week and my comp went out to Belmont for a day and the District leader came here which was sweet to see something new. It was cool because I could get myself around the city with ease and that was awesome. The district leader was complaining that his feet hurt after the day was over and it was a easy day of walking. Also at district meeting he said he had blisters. Oh man, I thought that was funny how easy they have it being able to drive everywhere.

I love the city. I stay in great shape (for a missionary at least) and get the opportunity to try to share the gospel with hundreds of people a day. Not many people realize what I have to offer, but hopefully I do something that can bare testimony to them, that they might feel the Holy Ghost, and then I get to walk in famous places all the time like Bunker HIll and other such places like the Minute Man Trail.

The weather is just starting to get chilly and I think that I can buy everything out here to keep me warm for cheap. The older missionaries say that it is smart to go to goodwill or salvation army and buy a cheap suit to wear in the winter so our good suits don't get ruined. I think that is what we are going to do today. It is like 10 bucks for a suit. And I will let you know if anything else that I want.

Conference was amazing Saturday. We went to Belmont with two other missionaries and watched it. The talks on Saturday were way good. I guess all of them were way good. On Sunday we just watched it at our stake center then went to our ward mission leaders house for waffles. You should definitely look at the talks in the Ensign because it was so good. It was amazing how much they talked about agency and the right we have to choose what is best for us. This conference was more serious than any of them I have listened to before. A lot of talks about the power Satan can have over us, and also on the importance of families which I liked a lot. Anyway, as I read from the Book of Mormon everyday I realize how it counsels us on modern trials we may have today. At the end of the book of Alma chapters 60-63 it made me think of what is going on in our country today. You should look at it if you have time and talk with the family. I am going to try to put some pics up right now. I don't have many yet because we are so busy but I will get more soon. No pictures :(
Love you so much and thank you for everything. You and dad have sacrificed much for me and I really appreciate it. I wish I could type everything that happens but I only have an hour on the computer. The transfer is almost over, time is flying too fast out here, so i am trying to take advantage of it.

Love Beau

P.S. Ryo emailed me and he is at BYUH and made the basketball team there!! I am so happy for him.