Sunday, June 12, 2011

March 28, 2011

Hi mother,
Sooooo you will never believe what happened this week, but before I get to that I promise to send pictures to you by next Wednesday:) I don't know if I have taken that many because I have been in the same area so long but I will take a bunch and print them and send them home.
This week... was crazy. So I was trying to get a hold of president to ask if I could go to the BYU Hawaii game and he said I couldn't and that instead he was going to give me a new companion and split up our trio. On Wednesday I got a new comp and it is Elder Foust my MTC companion.... haha He is super cool and a great guy. He kinda has been thrown around a lot and this is his 5 area already. Where I am in my first area and the Assistants to the president called and asked me if he would be my comp. I told them yes and then they said that I most likely will have to stay in the same area for another transfer which will make 9 months in this area.
I love it here though even though I may be a little bipolar on the area I do love it. It just gets exhausting to talk with everyone you see all day everyday and have only a few appointments scheduled a week. Also we walk close to 12 miles a day which is a good amount and I have a feeling that I am going to get Elder Foust into good shape. It will be fun. I have been easing him into walking more and more so far each day and we have only been comps for 4 days and last night he went to sleep at 8 oclock.
Well we had some cool experiences this week and we have met some cool people. Right now we have a few investigators that are slowly progressing and then we have Roxanne who is awesome. She has been researching the church and what not and I explained what it feels like to feel the spirit and she didn't really feel like she felt like that so she went to and typed in feelings from the spirit and researched a bunch of talks till she found one that related to her. She is awesome and ready to be baptized but is scared what her family will say. She hasn't asked her family what they will say yet though so who knows maybe it won't be a big deal she told us that she will ask this week sometime though and that will be good.
Jian our other investigator from China (Elder Yim isn't my companion so we don't have a chinese interpreter) but Jian speaks decent English. He has a problem accepting God because he is a scientist and grew up learning that we are only here because of merely science. He thinks that we came from monkeys 50 % and %0 % that we came from God. We are working on getting him to pray and receive answers from his prayers. He is really awesome but just with no background in Christianity it is really slow for him to get a testimony.
Jim (who Elder Yim and Larsen) are now teaching because they cover the Charles River Ward (Elder Foust and I cover the LP2 ward) is doing really good. He is still meeting with the missionaries and they said he had an awesome experience where he confessed a sin and feels better. It was a huge step for Jim and I really want him to be baptized. It is all about people and being ready at the right time in the right place for them.
I realize that when I go out and have a real smile on my face and am enjoying what I am doing that people are more interested in listening to me. Also I need to have the spirit with me to have that real smile. As I do that Ii have more fun people listen to me and then I can share my testimony with them and invite them to listen to the message that has made me happy. Sometimes it is hard to strive to always have the spirit with us but it is what was promised to us when we were baptized to it obviously is possible. By forgetting our mistakes in the past and working harder today we will have the spirit with us in whatever we do. I am really excited for general conference I don't know if I am ready for it because I haven't finished with the past general conference there were so many good talks given. But I am excited to hear what they will have to say.
Well I don't know what to write or type I guess. Bryson still looks like a punk that is always flexing even though we know he isn't THAT strong.. haha no he is getting huge! It is the end of transfers this week and I am pretty sure I am staying at least one more. I think maybe 2 who knows. but I will print pictures and send them to you in a package.
I love you and thanks for being such an awesome mom. Tell the family I say hi and that I am writing a letter for Tyla today. Thanks and have an awesome week.
Love Elder Hunter

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