Sunday, June 12, 2011

April 5, 2011

Today is our pday because of transfers and I am staying one more here. The Assistants to President asked what I wanted and I told them that I wanted to leave and get a new area. Then I realized that it isn't about what I want and I texted them later that night and said that I would do whatever they needed of me. I think that since Elder Foust has only been here for a week he doesn't know the area or the ward too well so I need to show him how it works here. In our mission it is very likely that people will stay in their first area around 7-9 months or more so it is just normal. Out of the people that came out with me only 2 of us are in our first area still. I really like it here it is just a lot of pressure I feel like... President has to always have good missionaries here in our stake because our stake has a lot of well known people that are very big influences for the church and if he sends some missionaries that do something stupid it would be very bad for the area.
This past week was good conference was good. I really liked the talks that talk about how to change who you are on the inside rather than who you are on the outside. I realize there are so many people that will do everything right when they are seen but then nobody is around and they are a completely different person. We have to learn how to learn who we are and what we want to become.
This week was a slow week I was just merely enduring to the end rather than trying to work hard and get something done. I hate when I get into that mode, but I always seem to come out of it. We had some cool dinner appointments and also at conference we had 3 investigators there. Roxanne is awesome she watched all the sessions of conference all on her own and then she goes to all the activities. She is so ready for baptism but is scared about what her family will think and she wants it to be positive on her family so she is trying to help them. Also we have Jian who came to conference and he brought a friend it was so sweet. All of these Chinese people are awesome they are great and they love to learn about God we just need to get him to read from the Book of Mormon. Andrew is another guy that came to conference he is really busy working and what not so we are trying to meet with him and get him to be more serious about investigating. It is hard right in the middle of the semester. I think that after the semester ends things will be a lot easier to schedule things.
Sorry my English is diminishing and my paragraphs aren't too organized. Ha I just try to write fast. That is awesome about Tyla playing soccer and I did write her a letter and sent pictures home yesterday so you should get them soon. I haven't been too good at taking a lot of pictures. I am always exhausted and barely have time to eat some nights. I miss Bryson and his friends they are all so funny a great group of guys. Bryson will tear it up at AAU. Who all is going to be playing on his team? Is it all the Provo High guys or are some of them playing on other teams? It would be lame if the whole team isn't going to play together that is why west Jordan was so good and beat lone peak because they always played AAU together all summer. Mckay is a stud and just tell him to have fun and learn to work hard and improve as long as he is improving then that is the most important thing that he can learn is to work and set goals and then achieve them. Getting hand outs and favors from coaches isn't worth anything and won't get anyone anywhere.
Thanks for everything.
Take care and have a great week!!
Love Elder Beau (Big Bear) Hunter
* Big Bear is my nickname amongst the other missionaries here. haha

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