Sunday, June 12, 2011

March 21, 2011


So I have learned in leaps and bounds this week it was such a good week for me. I was such a pesimest last week please forgive me for that. This week went by really fast so on Tuesday I was in Belmont on tours and then on Wednesday we had a leadership meeting. Me and a couple other elders I came out with were the youngest ones there and it was such a blessing to be with other missionaries and to learn from them. I learned a ton about teaching. I always felt like I was the worst teacher. Now I think I am somewhat figuring it out. I am not the best but I am improving.
So this week was a crazy week. We stayed really busy and had a lot of fun. We mostly have been teaching lessons and trying to figure out how to get our investigators progressing more. We are still teaching Jian and he is okay just searching. He doesn't know too much about religion so we are trying to teach him how to find his own answers. Also we are teaching Jim again from my first transfer. I don't know if you remember but I might have told you last week. We taught him twice and he still has a really bad back. He came to sacrament meeting though and I think that it was a big deal for him. I am hoping that some things can go better for him so he can start coming to all 3 hours again. Then there is another girl we are teaching her name is Roxanne and it was our first time teaching her yesterday the sisters were teaching her but then everything got switched around so we are teaching her. We took some amazing members with us that testified to her but she is really scientific so we have to explain what faith is to her. Those are mostly our investigators right now.
Then so in the Charles River ward a girl named Caroline Jacobs came up to me and she is Ms. Jacobs daughter. . my middle school teacher. It was cool. Ms Jacobs was one of my favorites. She was so nice. And also we had a lesson with one of Anatoly's friends that mostly just speaks Russian it was weird because we had translators to translate what we said. It was cool though and Anatoly brought another friend to church with him yesterday. She is from Ukraine and she is a professional Archer and was in the Olympics. She looks like a Princess warrior from movies haha. . Anatoly is so awesome always bringing friends to church whether they speak English or not.
A lot happened this week. I wish I could write it all down. One other thing that we were able to do was we went to a wedding reception of a recent convert that was introduced to the church by his girlfriend one year ago. His name is Dominique and he is so cool he is from Scotland and I had known him but not too much and at his reception he came and talked to us for like 30 minutes telling us his testimony and he just recently went to the temple and he talked to us about all of that. He said that all of his friends that knew him before wonder what happened to him and why he is so happy now. It was just such a great story.
It was such a good week. We have been teaching and finding and working with the members. I feel like we are just a part of the ward now and that the members love us and say hi and talk with us. It is a great feeling as well as they are bringing friends to church so it is great. I just sometimes get stuck on myself which is a bad habit and feel sorry because it must be all my fault we aren't baptizing people and what not. But I need to not beat myself up and do better. It has been a problem I have had my whole life even in basketball. But I just need to do something for someone else. This morning I made breakfast for my companions and it made me feel better. Being on a mission is a emotional rollercoaster but it is the most fun thing I have ever done in my life it is a wonderful opportunity to be able to go out and think about others all day everyday.
And Ryo emailed me and said that they won their tournament and they are playing in Springfield Mass. He really wants me to come so I am going to call President and explain everything and see what he says. They are playing on Wednesday so who knows it is kinda short notice but that would be the greatest thing if i could go and watch him play. I'll let you know next Monday if I am able to go or not. Well take care . I love you and pray for all my family everyday. And I did get the package and it is great. I was wondering if I could get that every couple months or so? Would that be too much? Anyways I hope that you have a wonderful week. YOur the best mom I love you. Tell the family I say hi and that I love them.
Much Love
Elder Hunter

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