Sunday, March 13, 2011

March 7, 2011

Hello Mom and Family,
Well this week was crazy... So we just had transfers a week ago and then something happened and one of the missionaries had to go home. So one of our roommates had to leave to cover another area and his comp left as well so we were in a 2 elder apartment that was way nice and quiet. But then since our roommates left there were 2 singles wards that still needed to be covered. So our zone got together to figure everything out which to me seemed worthless and people were kinda selfish because there are some wards better to be in then others. Well president was the one to make the final decision and it was crazy. So they brought back one of the my roommates and I am back in a trio covering the same ward and the Charles River ward again. The tricky part is that they both meet at the same exact time in different places so it is just going to be crazy and go by fast. I was so excited to just keep the same area for once with my same comp we were doing really good, but oh well, I think that the Lord doesn't want me to have it too easy here in the city. My two comps are both newer to the mission than me and they are polar opposites Elder Yim is amazing and 100 miles an hour all the time. And Elder Larsen my new comp is a little slower as fast as he moves and he is less serious about anything. He is a really good missionary though with a great testimony. It will be a lot of fun working with them but it will be hard making all three of us get along well.
It was a great week though we met with some of our investigators and I had the most awkward lesson of my life. So we teach two of our investigators at Northeastern campus in their building where they do all of their studying and it is like in the foyer with like couches and stuff and there are always people walking around. Well we were teaching the law of chastity and it was so funny cause Elder Yim has a louder voice and he was explaining everything to them almost in detail and people were walking by looking at us funny and stuff. Oh my gosh it was so funny and the investigators are chinese and they were kinda just laughing and what not because Elder Yim was using too much detail. Anyways that is the funny story of the week.
The Miracle of the week was that Joel the guy we are teaching from Israel came to church yesterday it was so awesome. He went to the family ward so that way he could get to work still and he loved it. We weren't able to make it with him but he called us last night to tell he went and he liked it a lot and that he would come to FHE tonight. I was way excited he really told us how he felt in our lesson on Saturday that he loves coming into our church and feeling the spirit but he just has to get work off so he can come to church and learn more. I am way excited for that. He is the most amazing spiritually in-tune guy I have met.
Well also another cool story that I want to tell you that goes way back to like the first month I was out. One day Elder Sorel and I were street contacting when a guy came up to us and he was reading from the Bible on his phone and read some conterversial scripture from Galatians and started talking to us. He then told us that he had read Moroni 10:3-5 and that the holy spirit told him that the Book of Mormon wasn't true. And that is when we talked to him about intent and having real intent when you read and pray. Well fast forward to like 2 months ago we saw him at church and he said he had a friend who brought him. And he has been taking the lessons and will probably be baptized within the next two weeks in the university ward. Everytime he sees me at the church he just starts laughing because he remembers what he did when he first saw us. That is way cool to see how much the gospel has changed him. He has a really awesome whole story and I was glad to be able to meet him and see how much he changed.
Well that is so awesome Mckay made JV and is sitting Varsity he is such a stud. And Kyle and Anson came over for burritos Kyle is awesome and a great kid he helps a lot of people. He will be a really good missionary. And Tyla is still playing basketball and you are still coaching that is so cool and probably a lot of fun. She is awesome. And thank you for the protein and vitamins. They help a lot with me having energy during the day because we don't get that much money to buy good food and the members usually feed us pizza and basic food because they are all college students that are busy. Also i bought some things with the credit card this past week like 30 dollars you can take money out of my account to pay it back we didn't get our money till later than the first and i had to buy some things.
I was thinking about when I was a little kid and how I was so shy and I couldn't talk to anyone this week and thinking about how awesome you guys were to help me become the person that I am now. I have an amazing family that I have been so blessed to have. Especially you and dad have taught me everything and made me the person that I am today. Thank you so much and I love you. Let me know if there is anything i can do to help Brandon. I will send a letter to you guys for him this week.

Love Elder Hunter

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