Sunday, March 13, 2011

February 23, 2011

Hello Family,
So I didn't get an email :( (Note from Mom: I really sent one with too many attachments that ldsmail rejected it, so he didn't get it in time.) It is okay hopefully by Monday I will. I know you guys are way busy and that you are all so awesome. I hope that everything is going well with you guys.
This week was awesome we had a lot going on and we have a good amount of investigators to teach which also is really good and cool. Nothing too exciting happened. We had transfers and Elder Yim and I are staying together which I am way pumped up about. Him and I have been getting along and becoming way unified recently and that is way sweet. I cannot wait to stay and learn more from him and also to stay in the same ward and work together.
We are going to set some good goals for this transfer to help us to become better missionaries and also better servants of the Lord. Also to try our faith we are thinking about setting a goal for numbers of people that we should find and teach and what not.
One really cool thing was that we were teaching an investigator about the plan of salvation and we just taught very basic and they asked some questions and it was so fun to answer and to realize the plan that has been made for us and the love that is shown through the plan. It really made me think about how much Heavenly Father loves us and he cares about us all no matter what happens. IF we can give it our best and do the best that we can then the Lord will help us out. It makes it so that we can always look at things from the positive side and take a different perspective at things.
I am excited for this weekend we have Elder Christofferson coming out to speak to our mission. It is going to be so sweet to hear from a quorum of the twelve. Also, Elder Costas from the Presidency of the Seventy and Bishop Burton are coming out so that is way sweet as well we will be able to hear from all of them. I will tell you on how everything goes next week.
Well I am hoping to send some pictures home and letters to everyone this week or next week. Depending on if we can get everything done that we need to, also I am almost out of protein if you wouldn't mind sending more and some vitamins as well that would be great but you don't have to that is not a neccessary at all and just a want. I will email you on Monday again. Love you a ton and thank you for everything that you do for me I greatly appreciate it.
Love Elder hunter

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