Tuesday, October 5, 2010

October 4, 2010

Hi Mom and Family,

Thanks so much for the quotes they are awesome. It reminds me of the things that I learned from conference this week. And you have always been so creative, I just guess you are now having the chance to explore more and do things that you like. Did Dad and Mckay and Tyla get their letters from me that I sent last week? I promised Tyla that I would write her back and I haven't heard from Mckay so make sure he writes me.

It was a crazy week, but kind of hard working and a tolerant week. The work is going way slow for me and my comp. We go out to street contact all day and don't get anything done but pass out a bunch of cards to people. We are trying to work with the new mission leader on how we can boost the missionary work in our ward. We have some ideas that should get us some more people to teach. Also Jessica dropped her baptismal date which we found out last night and it is sad. She is ready to be baptized she just won't take that leap of faith to be baptized. She said that she will prepare to be baptized Dec 18th which is good if she sticks with it. Our other investigators we didn't get in contact with either. But Raj called last night and asked how conference was and said he was out of town and wants us to watch some of it with him to explain and stuff so that is way cool. I think that Raj is way close to conversion he just has to pray about the Book of Mormon.

We had tours this week and my comp went out to Belmont for a day and the District leader came here which was sweet to see something new. It was cool because I could get myself around the city with ease and that was awesome. The district leader was complaining that his feet hurt after the day was over and it was a easy day of walking. Also at district meeting he said he had blisters. Oh man, I thought that was funny how easy they have it being able to drive everywhere.

I love the city. I stay in great shape (for a missionary at least) and get the opportunity to try to share the gospel with hundreds of people a day. Not many people realize what I have to offer, but hopefully I do something that can bare testimony to them, that they might feel the Holy Ghost, and then I get to walk in famous places all the time like Bunker HIll and other such places like the Minute Man Trail.

The weather is just starting to get chilly and I think that I can buy everything out here to keep me warm for cheap. The older missionaries say that it is smart to go to goodwill or salvation army and buy a cheap suit to wear in the winter so our good suits don't get ruined. I think that is what we are going to do today. It is like 10 bucks for a suit. And I will let you know if anything else that I want.

Conference was amazing Saturday. We went to Belmont with two other missionaries and watched it. The talks on Saturday were way good. I guess all of them were way good. On Sunday we just watched it at our stake center then went to our ward mission leaders house for waffles. You should definitely look at the talks in the Ensign because it was so good. It was amazing how much they talked about agency and the right we have to choose what is best for us. This conference was more serious than any of them I have listened to before. A lot of talks about the power Satan can have over us, and also on the importance of families which I liked a lot. Anyway, as I read from the Book of Mormon everyday I realize how it counsels us on modern trials we may have today. At the end of the book of Alma chapters 60-63 it made me think of what is going on in our country today. You should look at it if you have time and talk with the family. I am going to try to put some pics up right now. I don't have many yet because we are so busy but I will get more soon. No pictures :(
Love you so much and thank you for everything. You and dad have sacrificed much for me and I really appreciate it. I wish I could type everything that happens but I only have an hour on the computer. The transfer is almost over, time is flying too fast out here, so i am trying to take advantage of it.

Love Beau

P.S. Ryo emailed me and he is at BYUH and made the basketball team there!! I am so happy for him.

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