Saturday, October 30, 2010

October 20, 2010

Hi Mom,
Transfers were good. Elder Sorel and I are still together serving in the Charles River Ward. It is cool because that means I can stay in the city still and learn people skills and share my testimony with hundreds of people everyday. We also have another ward that we are going to cover which is a singles ward 25-30 year olds. It is the LP 1 ward. So our age range broadened some. I think that this transfer the work is going to start to pick up. Last week at church we had 5 non-members. None of them want to meet with us though so that sucks but at least members are bringing friends to church.
I am glad that our work will hopefully double with two wards to cover. Right now I have made some great friends of the ward that I am in now. There are so many great people that are in our wards. They are all very very smart too. Last night we watched "How Rare a Possession", the Book of Mormon video with an investigator and had pizza. It was sweet. I realized that the two members there with us were a lawyer and a Dr. They both are extremely smart. Our investigators are crazy. We still only have the same three. All three of them want to be baptized. But none of them want to be pushed into it. They are taking their time to becoming baptized. Raj who is from India watched the movie with us last night and he started asking us about Jacob 5 and the olive tree. He reads his Book of Mormon everyday and knows that it is true, but doesn't come to church and doesn't want to be baptized anytime soon. We are trying to get with our investigators consistantly and get them to keep commitments from us so they can become ready to be baptized.
This week was pretty crazy though there are a lot of people that are struggling with testimonies and what not in our ward. It doesn't surprise me either this is a tough area to be a mormon. It is crazy how important church is and how important to attend every week. Also developing a relationship with Heavenly Father. We are working with some inactive members and they stop coming to church it only makes it that much harder to come back. Elder Sorel and I had a great opportunity to feel the power of the priesthood we hold. This week we gave 3 blessings to members that were having a rough time. It is so cool that people know that a blessing is the best thing that they can do to know what Heavenly Father wants of him.
Also this morning we went to the temple. It is always good to go there and learn more about the gospel and how simple it really is. Elder Yurevich is leaving our apartment and so last night we were up till one talking and hanging out and then we got up at five to go to the temple so Elder Sorel and I are going to sleep the rest of our P day. We are beat.
I also got a bunch of pictures printed out and I will send them home tonight in a package with some other way cool things that I have gotten out here. Well I hope that everything keeps going well. I am still working hard and having fun. It is beautiful out here! You guys should plan on picking me up or at least coming out here in the fall. Let me know how Brysons game goes this week.
Thank you so much for the picture thing it is so cool. I showed the sisters and they loved the paper bag thing. They thought that it was the coolest thing. And thanks for the tie. you guys are the best!! Mckay and Tyla haven't written me back either. Love you have a great week.
Elder Hunter

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