Thursday, September 30, 2010

September 27, 2010

Hi Mother and Family!
So last week it rained on us a lot. I just forgot to tell you that. And in Utah the rain is nothing I mean here when it rains it feels like you are in the shower. You cannot escape the water you just get soaked. It is not bad though or cold it actually feels really good. But this week it was really hot and in that cause it feels like you are in a sauna. By the time the day is over we are just drenched in sweat and our backpacks are just dripping sweat and we have to hang out our ties so they can dry too. The weather here though is nice on some days it just perfect. And so that is way good. Also at MIT where we do most of our contacting the geniuses that they are they made the area a wind tunnel so that way it is always windy in the summer which is way nice it almost feels like AC in the main campus streets.
The leaves are all changing colors and it is becoming very pretty. I have some sweet pictures of Boston and the city at night with the Charles River and stuff that I will send home hopefully soon. I forgot my camera cord today. I was thinking I might just buy a camera card and send them home every transfer then you could put all the pics on the computer and then send it back and I will send you the other or something like that.
Right now we have 3 main investigators and a few others that should be shortly. All three of them have been meeting with missionaries for a long time. Jessica is probably getting baptized Oct. 9th. She is awesome and has been investigating the church for 2 years but hasn't had the faith to be baptized. Then Jim he is so awesome and crazy. He always is getting in fights and like 6 months ago injured his back and had his lung punctured so he barely had back surgery. He is just a punk white boy that is like 35 and is confused about life. He comes to church and yesterday he was so funny. So he was on his pain medicine and was talking the whole time during sunday school about what he said to a Muslim that lives by him and different stuff like hitting on the teacher and cussing. Yeah it was the most swear words I have ever heard at church. But he has a testimony and tries to do what is right. We are going to his house Wednesday to see his new tie and teach him then take him to institute. If he will join the church it could really help him get his life in order.
Raj on the other hand is a hindu guy from India he is super nice and has a middle eastern accent. He ditched us 3 appointments in a row and our ward mission leader was at all three so he called Raj and said if you don't want to meet with us then don't!! and Raj explained that some crazy stuff had come up. But Eric, the ward mission leader, was very bold with him and told him what he needed to do to have a chance and that he needed to listen to our message. So he drove an hour into town last night and picked us up and listened to our lesson it was a very good lesson and we taught him the basics of christianity like war in heaven and Adam and Eve and the need for a Savior. He understood it very well and our ward is awesome and is taking him to Palmyria in a couple weeks to see the sacred grove. He is ready to be baptized but also just needs to make the decision and take that leap of faith.
Our ward is really awesome. Eric the ward mission leader is getting his Ph. d at Harvard in finance and is going to be a BYU professor. He was just called as ward mission leader and is very cool and wants to have success. Also there are a few other guys in the ward that are just amazing and will do anything for the missionaries and also are trying to find referrals and are just amazing at fellowshipping the investigators and new members. Also the Sister missionaries were taken out of our ward which is good. So now we can teach all the girl and guy investigators. The sisters somehow didn't have any investigators they had 3 drop them in a week which is sad to hear but we are going to try to keep working with them.
The mission has been so great. I have lots of fun and me and my comp get along very well. We have weights in our apartment so we lift some mornings and run others it is a good way to wake up and be ready for study. I have been doing some bible study with Elder Yurevich who lives with us at night. He is super smart at the bible and loves to hear himself talk so I try to take advantage of that and listen to what he knows. It is great. Also I am becoming way better at contacting people on the street. I realized 2 things that help me a ton in getting people to listen a little to what I have to say. The first is being confident and speaking loud and boldly and the second thing is by Smiling all the time. It is amazing at how many people will listen to you if you look at them and smile and say hi or whatever. A lot of time I just try to talk to anyone about anything giving sincere compliments because most people here think missionaries are just salespeople that annoy everyone. But when I ask them questions about themselves they love to talk especially atheists they love to talk about there not being a god. So I just bear testimony to them of God being our loving Heavenly Father and that is about all I can do for them at the time.
We had a sweet experience. I ran into this kid who looked like maybe 23 years old and was working on a Phd at MIT. He was super smart and thought everything through a lot. He was an expert at the Bible and believed in Jesus but no main religion. So he and I and Elder Sorel talked with him on the street for like 20 minutes and he said he was in a hurry and was going to eat at Quiznos across the street so we went and sat down with him and taught him the first lesson and the importance of the Book of Mormon and Joseph Smith. Everything that we taught him he said made sense and he said that he would pray to know if Joseph Smith was a prophet. He was ready to hear the gospel. Hopefully he accepts it. He is very busy applying to med school he said and won't have much time to meet with us. Even if he did meet with us we would have to pass him to the other missionaries because he isn't in our age range. He was just such a stud though and a great guy.
We have good experiences everyday and it is amazing. I love the mission we have lots of fun. It is the hardest thing I think I have ever done but is becoming easier every day. and I am enjoying it more and more. The time is going by fast already the weeks and days go by so fast. I need to continue working hard.
Tell Bryson to keep working hard and also Mckay, I haven't heard from him and I don't know if I have his email. I would love to hear from them. I love all you guys. I would love letters. I got Tylas and dads 3 days ago and will write them back.
Love Elder Hunter

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