Tuesday, October 12, 2010

October 12, 2010

Dear Mom,
Sorry I didn't email you yesterday, it was p-day and also Columbus day so the library where we email was closed. But this week is the last week of the transfers and we won't have p-day until next Wednesday so you won't here from me until then. I got grandmas cookies and didn't have time to write her yesterday. We had a sweet day yesterday, I will tell you all about it. The cookies were way good. Me and the people that live with us ate them all in like 5 minutes. Also grandpas letter was good for me to hear. I think about it everyday. It gives me motivation. And the quote is perfect that is exactly what I am trying to do. I am not perfect at it yet but I try to be the best I can.
How are Bryson's stats in football? Does he have any good ones? (Note from mom: Good tackles, not touchdowns, quarterback depends on Bryson to block and doesn't throw to the tight end at least yet.) Any touchdowns yet? The season is probably coming to an end I bet.
My comp has been in this same area since May when he first entered the field. I feel bad for him. He is dead here. He is going through a bad thing with his girlfriend. Also he is getting sick of the area because he has been here for so long but has not had much success. He and I get along way good and he is so cool. I hope he gets transferred though because he needs something different out here. He is sick today and slept in so I did companionship and personal study all by myself.
Elder Yurevich and I are the only people that get up on time everyday and work out. Elder Yurevich is so cool, he is so smart at the scriptures and so I just let him talk to me and teach me every night if he and I stay, I am going to start learning Russian from him also.
Investigator wise we are struggling. Jim has been in the hospital with lung and back problems. He called yesterday and wants us to visit him today so we are going to. And Jessica told us that she knows that she needs to be baptized but doesn't feel ready. We are debating if we should drop her or not. I don't think that we will because she is so awesome and nice. She will get baptized eventually.
Those are our two investigators really and things are looking like they will pick up. We have been receiving a lot of referrals lately and trying to set things up so we can teach. I have a good feeling about things as long as we work hard so that the Lord will trust us in letting us teach these people. I'm really excited for these next few weeks. I don't think I will leave this area for a while though. I don't mind either. I am starting to love the people here in the ward and am learning a ton about Boston and how the people are. Plus there are no easy places in our mission no matter where you are at out here you will be working your butt off and have little "success" as far as baptisms and numbers go.
So for the packages just send it to the mission home. Also I thought of some things that I want but probably for Christmas if you can. I was thinking that I wanted some Protein and vitamins. Then I definitely want some pictures of the family. I am sick of describing what everyone looks like. And any other pictures that you wanted to send me that would be sweet. And then maybe a sweater.
It is crazy at how I have learned about the power of prayer and also the neccesity of prayer for everyone. Everyday we talk to some guy from MIT or Harvard that are just super smart and have all sorts of crazy things to say about religion and especially about our religion and why it can't be true. It is kind of hard listening to all these things that they say. They are all terrible things that the devil has brought forth to the people. It doesn't shake my testimony but rather helps me strengthen mine more. We had a fireside that I went to and the Dean Emeritus proffesor of religion at BYU was speaking. His name was Robert Millett. He was way sweet and said that Faith is a decision we make it isn't just believing or acting when we feel the holy ghost it is still making the right decisions even when we don't feel the holy ghost. He talked for an hour on the purpose of life and it was so awesome he did a way good job.
Yesterday I kind of spent a lot of money. Elder Sorel's MTC comp came down to the city from the cape and wanted to go see the city. We all went and looked around some sights and stuff. When we were at the TD Garden where the Celtics play they have a team shop and it had a bunch of old school jerseys. I bought a Larry Bird jersey for 85.00 dollars I used my debt card. Will you check to make sure that my credit card is paid for it declined. And we walked around there and then after that we went to Fenway Park and paid to take a tour of the stadium. It was 12.00 but I used my support money for that. It was sweet there are some cool baseball history things that happened in that stadium. I took a bunch of pictures and I am going to print them and send them home this next Tuesday.
The coolest part about yesterday was that we went to the temple in the morning. We had to wake up at 5 AM and get ready and our ward mission leader picked us up. It was so cool to go with Elder Sorel and our ward mission leader because they are so smart. We stayed for like an hour in the celestial room and just talked about things and it was what I needed to learn.
I am no where near the person want to become yet. But I am striving for it everyday. And I know that by focusing on others is the way to become who I want to be so I am trying hard to do that.
The time is still going by so fast I am trying to study my hardest in the time we have and it is hard there are so many things to learn and so little time. All the stories in the Book of Mormon and Bible are amazing and we can learn a lot from them. Thanks for everything and just send the package to the mission home. I get no mail haha except from family and my comp is getting mail everyday almost. I don't care to get a lot of letters, but when I do get them it is nice. Especially from my family :) Love you all. I hope everything is going well. I will keep you posted.
Love Elder Hunter

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