Tuesday, September 7, 2010

September 1, 2010

My Roommates

Elder Faust, Me, Elder Clay, Elder Hatch
Elder Ellis, Elder Anderson, Elder Adams-Hart, Elder Orisskel

Our District
Top: Elder Faust, Me, Sister Russell, Sister Brough, Elder Clay and Elder Hatch
Bottom: Elder Ellis, Elder Anderson, Sister Parkin, Sister Brown, Elder Adams-Hart
Me and Elder Faust

Hi Mother and family :)

So this week went by so fast again. There is not enough time in a day to do the things that I want to learn. But I try my hardest. I even get up at 5:40 and read from my Book of Mormon and then stay up at night with a flashlight underneath my blanket reading Jesus the Christ. It is crazy how much I didn't know. Since I am at a lack of knowledge the best way for me to be a successful missionary is by me being exactly obedient so that I can have the spirit with me at all times. For I am just an instrument in the Lords hands. It is a great feeling the feel the spirit in my everyday and recognize that it is the spirit. Before I came here I don't think I recognized the lords hand and how it plays such a big role in my everyday life as well as everyone in our family.

Well this week we had some very amazing experiences. First of all, on Sunday I talked with Brother Tyler who is in our branch presidency about my companion. And brother Tyler is a walking talking scripture he was a seminary teacher for 40 years and he practically has the scriptures memorized. He told me about how I was put with my companion for a reason, and that I was doing a great job at getting along with him.
That being said my companion and I are getting along terrific he has come a long way so far. He now is always reading his Book of Mormon and talking to us about the gospel. When we teach our lessons he is great. He is way good at teaching the doctrine so that our investigators can understand it. And he always reminds us to pray before we go to teach our lessons. Which is key so we can have the spirit with us.
There are two other things that I want to share and the first was that last night we had the opportunity to hear from Richard G Hinckley. He is exactly like his dad. He said a story about how a missionary was able to see one of his investigators sealed in the temple with their family and the missionary said that it was no sacrifice being on a mission that it was way more worth it to see his investigators sealed then to go on a mission.
Well the days are pretty plain here. We play volleyball at Gym which is what we all look forward to and we also eat all the time. I now go and get the wraps to eat because all they serve is hamburgers with something else they find in the fridge on it everyday and some sort of potatoe. But the wraps actually have fresh ingredients so that is good and healthy the only place I can eat onions and tomatoes and fresh spinach leaves. I think I have lost weight here which is weird. I think I lost mostly muscle. I still do 50 pushups everynight with some ab work outs and stuff but my pants seem to be growing.
I have learned a great amount of very valuable stuff and now see how the mission benefits every missionary that serves. We learn how to Plan, set goals, work hard but learning is not good enough so I have to go out and develop those things into my life and make them part of me in the field and keep them with me as long as I live.
Well I love it here and I will call your phone mom and dad. But dear elder me so I know for sure if I should or not at the airport. Also I learned that am not that smart at English because I am constantly looking up words from the scriptures in my dictionary. It is crazy how much I can learn now and makes me think I am glad I'm not going foreign speaking because I don't even know my own language.
I'm glad everyone is doing so well and thank you for the mints it keeps me awake during the day. Which is a miracle. I seem to do fine with sleeping only 7 hours a day and that was practically impossible for me before. Well, I am almost out of time but I love all of you guys and thank you for everything.

Love Elder Beau Hunter (the tightest missionary ever)

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