Thursday, August 26, 2010

August 25, 2010

Elder Hunter and Elder Durrant
(Played Basketball together at Provo High)

Beau's District at the MTC
Beau checking into the MTC (compliments of Elder and Sister Gardner)
We so appreciated this photo!

So this week has flown by so freaking fast. It seems like I just blinked my eyes. So I haven't had an email from mom so I hope that I am sending this to the right email, but Tenni I am also sending this to you as well because I have gotten three letters from you already. (Mom guilt) I know mom and dad are busy getting the kids ready to start school and what not. But ten that is so sweet that you are working now. I bet you feel a lot better about yourself now that you will be making money. That is sweet Bryson won his first game! He is a stud. I want Mckay and Tyla to tell me how it feels to be moving up in school. Mckay is a big boy now all in high school :)
Well my companion is great he has a great sense of humor and he helps me grow and kinda tests my patience. I think that i am here to help him and he is here to help me with what i need the most. It definitely isn't just by chance why we are companions. We get along fine, i just think we have different attitudes about why we are on missions. It is really funny he always lays on the ground during personal study and falls asleep. I took a picture that i will send to you. He is really funny and has a lot of funny comments all the time.
On the spiritual side it has been great! I don't know near as much as I thought and when I get into the scriptures I am clueless! so I have been memorizing scriptures everyday. It is sweet how much I can memorize in one day. The teachers here are great but Tenni I am glad you didn't take the job here because you still would have stayed in your missionary mode :) just playing.
My district is so sweet we have 4 boy companionships and 2 sister companionships. One of the sisters is Ray Gonzalez's girlfriend so we talk all the time. the sisters help keep us on track and we have lots of fun while we work hard. We play volleyball during gym because they are doing construction on the basketball court. It kind of sucks because Elder Ellis played Junior College in Texas and he is a lot like me. He baptized one of his friends in high school. He is from Oregon. But all of the elders are super cool and nobody doesn't like each other. It is great how many new friends we make just coming on a mission.
So yesterday I was very priviledged to have Elder Holland come talk to us at our Tuesday Devotional. He is a very very powerful speaker! He laid the law down on us. He told us that we need to work as hard as we can for every second of our mission. He also told us that we don't want to regret a single second of it! He said this, "we don't want to say that we were more devoted to a high school football game than we are for serving our lord" or something along those lines. It was very great and gave me great motivation to serve with all my heart might mind and strength. The field is white already to harvest!!
I know I am here to serve my Heavenly Father. I miss my family. You guys have always been the best! Mom and Dad I love you very much and mom I bought gloves, scarf, hat here in the MTC so you don't need to send me any. I got hooked up. the MTC has a 40% off on all their stuff. Let me know how everything is going! I love you and remember what our purpose is here on this earth.

Love Elder (Beau) Hunter

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