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December 6, 2010

Happy Birthday Mom!!

So first I want to wish you a happy birthday you are the best mom ever! I hope that you have a wonderful day tomorrow. Also I have something I am sending for you today I am a slacker I made it last preparation day and am now sending it to you today. It isn't anything big though but just to let you know i was thinking about you and your birthday. (Note from mom, best birthday present ever. . pictures of Beau).

Most Legit Apartment
Elder Sorel, Elder Hunter, Elder Hiatt, Elder Koerper

Elder Stay and Daniel (Convert)

Elder Sorel and I

At the Boston Temple

That is so sweet that Bryson and Mckay are tearing it up in basketball. What are their records? They are both way awesome. Tell them to keep working hard and having fun that is what it is about.

We had transfers and I am now in a trio companionship. I am serving with Elder Yim from Hong Kong China and Elder Black from Mesa Arizona. It is so fun being in a trio companionship it is like just hanging out all the time. And when we go contact on a busy street we can talk to so many different people. It is way cool. We cover the LP1 and LP2 wards so it is sweet all the grad students pretty much in Boston. Some very smart people. Our wards are awesome they are always taking us to eat and feeding us. And now that we are in a trio companionship it will be very easy for us to do splits we will only need one member to do splits with us.

Since I last emailed you we have been super busy we have been teaching a lot of lessons and trying to get organized as to how to be most effective with both of the wards that we cover. It is really cool and a lot of fun trying to get a hang of things, but stressful at the same time. I don't know exactly or at all what I am doing. Elder Black has been out for 13 months and is a great guy but this is his first time in the city so he is still warming up to that he is kinda quiet but a very good teacher.

Right now we have 3 investigators that I have taught. First one is Anatoly from Russia he has a baptismal date for this Saturday, but we are going to have to move it back a week to better prepare him. Then we have Max who is a bum he mostly just wants to learn about deep doctrine he is a religious major about to go to grad school. We probably will drop him soon. Then we have Jiang Li who is from China and getting a Phd at BU in Physics. He is super nice and likes us a lot I think. He doesn't have any religious backround at all so we have to teach him very slow.

Last night we watched the Christmas Devotional and all the people that were in the Charles River Ward were there and they are mad that I left them. I missed them. Jim and Jessica were both there and I talked to them for a little. They both should be members but just have to develop that faith in our Savior to have the courage to commit to baptism. It is cool to see them and talk with them. I really am learning how to love people and care about people so much it is crazy. Every person that we teach it instantly builds a good friendship with them, and they learn to trust missionaries so fast.

I cannot think of any specific experiences that I have that I am anxious to share with you right now, but I do know that Heavenly Father loves us all and that he answers our prayers. I have been trying to be able to define blessings better lately and I looked it up in the dictionary and to bless is to show divine care for. That is exactly what Heavenly Father does when we are obedient to his words we are cared for and we see how he cares for us. I think that there are many people that are blessed but because they don't have the gospel they don't realize that love he has and divine care he shows for us.

One thing that was said at a fireside that I thought was very cool was about Celestial Service. First it was said that telestial service is when you serve someone but do it because you have to and then you tell people that you are serving others or brag about it. Terestial service is when you serve someone out of love and kindness and do it in secret. And Celestial Service is where you ask the lord what you can do in service and then follow the spirit in whatever thing that he asks you to do. I was thinking that it is way cool that we need to rely on the Lord even when we are doing good to do everything the best that we can according to his will for us.

Keep working hard and relying on our Savior and increase your testimony all the time. It either is growing or shrinking it never is at a standby or stays the same. Learn to apply it in everyday life and share it with others and that is where we find true happiness. I love you guys and thank you very much for everything. Hope you have the best Christmas ever through following our savior and showing love towards others.

Love Elder Hunter

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