Sunday, December 26, 2010

December 20, 2010

Christmas Card from Elder Hunter
So this might be a little shorter than usual Iwrote emails to everyone then to you because you didn't email me. (Note from mom: On Cruise. But how was your cruise? How did Bryson do in Florida? What are your plans for Christmas? Did you get my Christmas cards? Pretty cool huh? I thought of the idea and take all the credit :) ha just playing.
This week was so great we had a baptism on Saturday his name was Anatoly he is Russian and he is so funny. I think I already wrote about him in previous emails. Now he is baptized though we are empty on people to teach :( Lately we just street contact all day and it actually is really fun. I am learning that faith is confidence. As I have confidence to talk with everyone that I see and enjoy it then it is a lot of fun and a lot of success.
Success doesn't come from amount of baptisms. Lately I have been trying to be perfectly obedient and that by doing that I see that is howI am successful. By having fun and a good attitude while I give it my all is how I have success. It doesnt' matter if I am the best missionary but that I am the best missionary that I can be. If I rely on the lord and seek him and his will before me and my will I will see success and be happy with what I have done with my time here. I feel like I need to grow more spiritually. I am trying to indulge myself more into the scriptures and serve my companions more. I realize that I make so many mistakes every single day and I have to repent.
The more that we seek the lord the more we will have happiness it is great. I am starting to find out what true happiness is. As I see people that are interested in the church and everybody is lost in some way and as we receive more we learn more and have more questions and we can receive more answers. Our testimonies grow as we share them and it is cool because isn't that how Christianity works as we give and consecrate ourselves we grow. And testimonies come in a growth so we don't recognize it all at once. It is way cool to know.
Mostly we are working hard and having fun. It is so cool to be able to serve in Boston it is the perfect place for me. Well I love you all so much and let me know how your trip and everything went. Well actually I will call around 7 oclock Boston time on Christmas day. So like 5 oclock Utah time. Also Tennison can invite Mackenzie too, so I can tell them congrats. I hope you had a great time on your cruise and I can't wait to talk to you. Love you all so much.
Elder Hunter :)

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