Sunday, November 21, 2010

November 15, 2010

Dear Mom,
There is so much that happened this week it was such a great week!! But first I want to talk about home and how much is going on there. As for Tennison and Mackenzie that is great if they feel right about it. I trust Tennison and his decisions and Mackenzie is an awesome girl and has a very awesome family! I am happy for both of them!!
Bryson is such a driven and dedicated person that works too hard sometimes. He works out and his back is going to always bug him unless he makes sure his core is super strong and he needs to eat right. I have been having a sore back with my missionary bed and I started eating things with less fat and sugar and working out my core twice a week super hard. I feel so much more alert all day and my back is fine now. He is such a stud and I pray for him every night that he will meet his potential.
You and dad are so amazing. I Don't know how you guys do it. You are superman and superwoman for real. All the things that are going on in life and you just are so awesome in getting everything done, and do a very good job at it. Work will be good to stay busy and a challenge' that is how we progress. I have been thinking about the Savior a lot lately and how the Atonement really works. If our goal is to one day become perfect then the Atonement is not just for our sins it is for anything that we need to increase on. Everyday we become a little more perfect then we accomplished our goal for the day. The easiest way to change ourselves is to focus on others. Which I think is why you and Dad are so amazing because you don't think about yourselves you think about others first mostly us your children. Thank you for everything that you do for me and have done for me. I know that I am the person who I am because I have had such amazing parents to show and be examples for me.
Well anyway about this week...
I don't really know where too start. I have been able to talk to so many people in such a diverse population. Everyday I meet and talk and get to know someone that has different goals and different situations. What is cool though is that no matter what peoples objectives or challenges are the Gospel of Jesus Christ can help everyone. So I think I want to just tell you the different types of people that I talked to this week and some cool experiences. We haven't had a new investigator this week but we have taught a few lessons on the street and I am becoming better at helping people realize about the truth of church that hopefully one day they will join when the time is right in their lives.
I don't remember what day I talked to all these people but it is sweet. One day Elder Sorel and I went to the ghetto. It is a 45 min -1 hr subway ride and that is my favorite place to talk to people, but nobody wanted to listen to me on the way there. So I handed out a bunch of cards to people that spoke Spanish haha. When we got to Quincy we got on a bus and were in the back talking to two white rappers that started rapping about Latterday Saints and stuff it was funny so I started talking with them and it was way fun discussing their dreams of maybe going big or making a living off of music. Then we saw a Walmart and went in for a second because we hadn't seen a Walmart yet here. It was still the same. Then we went back to the bus stop to wait for a bus to go back to the train station where i talked to a Methodist black guy and started discussing service. He was saying that we didn't do enough service and if we did that we would have more success as missionaries. We explained all the service that we have done while here and all that the missionaries do. He was surprised at how much we do. Then I started talking about his religion and then about ours and how everyone has the opportunity to help in the services and give talks he was very interested and we explained where a church was. His opinion changed way quick.
Then on the bus ride back to the train station we talked to a convict who served 6 years in prison he talked about Jesus with us and he had been shot like 3 times or something. It was crazy he was kinda scary too. But it was cool to see how Heavenly Father helped him.
On the train-ride back I sat next to this guy that had a long red beard he was a skinny wirey guy with long red hair too. I started talking with him and asking where he worked and stuff. He then started talking to me a lot about the church. He knew a lot and said that he had problems with different things. I was able to address all of his concerns which was sweet. He then pulled out his necklace with a star on it and said that he was a Satanist and explained to me what their religion believed, I listened. Then when it was close to my stop I shared my testimony with him and I felt how much Heavenly Father loved this guy. Who is his son. I will never forget the way that his face lit up and how his whole countanance changed. He then stood up and shook my hand as I walked off of the train.
Two other times I have talked with people that have came up to me telling me that there is no way that the Book of Mormon is true. Through my testimony and the spirit telling me what to say. I have changed the peoples opinions of the church although they aren't very interested in joining now it still is great to know that i am at least doing something that is good. Elder Sorel and I have had so much fun this week. we get along great and have lots of fun everyday. I learn so much everyday. And this is a quote we always quote sometimes a little mockingly but it is so true. "People don't care how much you know, until they know how much you care" Lately I ask people about them and what they are doing with their life and it is great. I wish that I could share all my opportunities with you guys there are so many of them.

Well, I Love you guys all very much. I have the best family in the world. I don't need anything out here. I am all set with everything. Just remember our Heavenly Father loves all of his children no matter who they are and we need to love everyone too. Tell Tennison that Scott King was good friends with Soloman Jaar in his mission in Chile. And also CONGRATS I am very excited for him and Kenz. They will be amazing!!
Well I love you guys a ton and cannot express how grateful I am for you guys!
Elder Hunter

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